About us

Established 2021, Bitn.in has become one of the leading providers of port, server and website monitoring and alerting services. Bitn.in is constantly growing and extending the functionality of the system. Our monitoring servers are located all around the world in reliable carrier-class data centers with nearly 0% downtime to become one of the most accurate website monitoring services that thousands of customers trust.

Our Principal Activities

Bitn.in monitors the availability and performance of Internet-connected devices such as webpages, websites, servers, routers, ports (HTTP, SMTP, FTP, MySQL, POP3, DNS, more), etc. We provide timely alert notifications and access to detailed reporting.

Our Philosophy

As a profitable, privately held company, we're under no pressure to produce short-term results. Instead, we believe steady growth based on sound fundamentals will enable us to keep the focus on our customers and to continuously increase the value of our service.


If you would like to contact us please e-mail us admin@bitn.in.

Last updated on: 4 August, 2021